There was something in the air yesterday. As I crossed the parking lot at work, I felt as if I was walking through a snowglobe in July. Cottonwood seeds drifted and swirled in billowy fluffs, then nestled like eiderdown blankets tucked gently around the flowers by the front door.

I have been trying to notice small blessings lately, and my eyes are drawn to Lake Country’s natural beauty (thanks, Andrea!). This time, however, while I wanted to capture the scene in words, I was frustrated by my ineptitude as a photographer (top two photos are mine). I couldn’t fully capture the ethereal suspension of the flowers in the downy drifts.

Then a coworker with a “real” camera showed up. I coaxed Brad Raymond into taking a few shots of the flowers and he turned one into a floral Waterpainting (see his photo below).

Same setting — different equipment and skills.

We have all been given the ability by our Creator to see things with unique vision — we’re all perfectly equipped to pursue our passions, no matter where they take us.

[p.s. Thanks, Brad!]

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