Our olefactory sense is one that evokes deep memories. I have always been able to “smell spring,” and until I do, spring isn’t really here. Seeing the first robin means nothing if the satisfying aroma of thawing earth doesn’t accompany the sighting. And we all know that robins come home too early anyway. I wish I could let them know when it’s safe, but then again, I still haven’t taken off my snow tires because I don’t trust the weather. Last year’s April 24th blizzard still resonates in my memory bank.

What other smells bring up memories? When our youngest was a baby, I used to tease his big brothers that they can smell him after his bath once for free, but the next whiff would cost a quarter! Who doesn’t love the sweet scent of a freshly bathed baby?

Other smells that I’m actually looking forward to in a weird way:
Wet dog fresh from the lake — it means we’ve enjoyed a hot, sandy day at the beach.
Skunk (aka “Peppermint Kitty”) — they don’t come out till spring either so it’s a sure sign of the season.
Barbeque grill smoke in the air — we grill year round, but the smell of grills warming up in the summer is one to be savored.
Sunscreen — I love the smell of the “coconutty” one, but sadly, it doesn’t come in a high-enough SPF.
The commingled smells of budding trees, blooming flowers, and rich earth. It can be enjoyed best from the roof, while cleaning out the eaves. Climb the ladder and spend an hour on the roof enjoying the view and the scents of spring.
Lake — my Arizona sister wants me to figure out a way to bottle the smell of lake. It’s the best smell in the world.

I’ll think of a few more spring/summer smells and will post them later. What smells of the season do you anticipate?

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