Our Mellow Yellow is nearing sainthood. Of all our family dogs, she has best mastered coming when she is called, staying on our property, and keeping watch over one and all — not to mention, loving us unconditionally.

But she has just endured the most trying summer of her life. In June, she had major leg surgery. It was so major that when we had a bill for an x-ray & treatment last month, I was thankful for the “small” amount!

Needless to say, Mellow Yellow was extremely restricted in her movements for 8+ weeks. Once she was able to move around after the surgery, she had to be on a leash at all times so she didn’t overdo her activity, she couldn’t swim, or run, or *GASP* chase a Frisbee — her all-time-favorite. Now she is able to be off a leash and can run and swim, but still no jumping, so no Frisbee.

She doesn’t understand why we’ve been so “mean” this summer — arbitrarily denying her the simple pleasures that reward her 6 years of good behavior. We can’t explain it to her either. Why did she have to spend time at the vet and come home in more pain than she had ever experienced? Why could she only look at the lake while on vacation, and — finally — only be allowed to wade chest deep after 8 weeks of dry dock? Why can’t she chase the Frisbee she loves? Why did we put her on a diet?

I’ve been thinking a lot about her long-suffering. There are times when we, too, go through pain and there appears to be no reason for — or end to — the circumstances we endure. Suffice it to say, the One in charge knows, understands, and is there with us through it all.

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