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Author/speaker Jodi Schwen thrives in the heart of central Minnesota’s north woods by keeping her wit about her.

Her book, Northern Comfort: The Musings of Jacqueline Pine Savage, will be published June 1, by North Star Press, St. Cloud, MN.

Some call it “outstate” or the “boondocks” –Jacqueline Pine Savage calls it home. Either way, living in a rural community means finding the humor in north woods living. Laugh anew over the sacred holidays of hunting and fishing seasons, family bonding when the dogs get “skunked,” and how to politely refuse the house tour when guests come a-calling.

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“Northern Comfort”: The Musings of Jacqueline Pine Savage, Is Now Available!

From Milkweed to Monarch

These photos show the lifecycle of last summer's mini monarch hatchery. I hope to return to this blog soon and write lengthier captions. There are many life lessons in the unseen miracle that occurs within a chrysalis.

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Spiders Everywhere

Yes. Spider Woman.Some friends and I decided to dress up for Halloween at work. I wouldn't reveal my costume to my co-workers, but as a "teaser," I draped my office door in webbing and dangling spiders, as well as the front of my desk.The "seed" for my costume was the...

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Serendipity: ". . . finding valuable or agreeable things not sought for" (Webster's Dictionary) A truly serendipitous event doesn't come along every day. I've always loved shopping for school supplies. Since I'm now an adult I need to call them "office supplies," but...

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The Best Yellow Dog in the Whole Wide World

Our Mellow Yellow is nearing sainthood. Of all our family dogs, she has best mastered coming when she is called, staying on our property, and keeping watch over one and all -- not to mention, loving us unconditionally.But she has just endured the most trying summer of...

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Tale of Two Leaves

When I took a walk last weekend, I saw two leaves on the road. They provided food for thought, so I tucked them into my pocket and they survived the trek home.The leaves led me to ponder: Why would two leaves of the same type have such a variety of hues? I know, a...

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Earrings & More

With gnarled fingers, missing a few digits from farm accidents, Lawrence painstakingly fashions a pair of earrings from fishing spinners.For years, I secretly called Lawrence, "The Man Who Came with the Resort," because he'd lived in the trailer on the property before...

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